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Top 100 Real Estate Sites! We showcase the world's best Real Estate, Property and Home related websites ranked according to their popularity! Add Your Site! It's FREE! | New Additions!

Top100 Program Rules:

  • Your site must be related in some way to real estate... see below.

  • The Top100 program measures site popularity, basically the number of people who utilize a specific website. We do this by counting the number of unique web visitors each site receives.

  • The Top100 program lists websites in order of their popularity.

  • The rankings are dynamic and fluctuate throughout the day.

  • Every week the traffic count is reset to "zero" for all sites and everyone starts over.

  • You must display the Top100 Award graphic on your websites main page- you may put it on more than one page but it will not necessarily increase the ranking for most sites.

After You Sign-up:

  • We will send you an email with the HTML code for your Top100 account.

  • You or your webmaster must paste the HTML code onto your main page.

  • This will make the below Top100 award graphic display on your site & allow us to count your web visitors.

  • The graphic, though displayed on your site, is pulled from our server.  By counting the number of times it is pulled, and tracking the I.P. address, we can rank your sites popularity in relation to the other sites in the Top100 program.

Top100 Program Categories:

Your will be asked to select the most appropriate category for your website:

  • Agents & Brokers - for individual real estate agent/broker sites.
  • Commercial - for all sites related to commercial real estate.
  • For Sale By Owner - for all sites related to private sales by owner.
  • Foreclosures - for all sites related to foreclosures.
  • Home Improvement - for all sites related to home improvement, Building & Construction.
  • Home Plans & Designs - for all sites related to floor plans, designs and architecture.
  • Home Furnishings - for all sites related to decorating, furniture and home accessories.
  • Home Swap-Exchange - for all sites related to property, holiday, vacation home swaps or exchanges.
  • Insurance & Warranty - for all sites related to home insurance & warranty services.
  • Investment & Income - for all sites related to investment & income properties or opportunities.
  • Legal & Conveyancing - for all sites related to real estate legal services.
  • Marketing & Supplies - for all sites related to real estate marketing, supplies & products.
  • Mortgage & Finance - for all sites related to home loans, real estate mortgages, and financing.
  • Moving & Storage - for all sites related to moving, packing, rentals and storage services.
  • New Homes & Builders - for all sites related to new homes, new communities, new housing developments and builders.
  • Portals & Directories - for sites offering a wide range of real estate related topics, resources, and links.
  • Vacation & Rentals - for all sites related to vacation properties, rentals, villas, condos and timeshares.
  • Valuations & Inspections - for all sites related to property values, appraisals and home inspections.

Why Join The Top100 Program?

  • You get a link on our busiest page!

  • You can improve your link popularity!
  • Your site gets increased traffic and exposure!
  • You get to see how your site performs in relation to others!

  • You can login to your account to see traffic stats!
  • It's FREE to join!
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